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Danalock Products

Our family of elegantly designed and secure smart lock products.

Danalock V3
Danapad V3
Danabridge V3 - coming soon
Universal Module V3

Danalock V3

Simply the smartest and most secure wireless Bluetooth® smart lock on the market.

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Danapad V3

A wireless Bluetooth keypad for operating your Danalock V3 without a smartphone.

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Danabridge V3

A bridge for operating your Danalock V3 smart lock remotely with a smartphone. (coming soon)

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Universal Module V3

For operating electronic devices such as garage ports and lights with a smartphone. Exclusively sold to professionals.

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Plays Well with Others

Danalock products support all major smart home systems, including Apple HomeKit, Alarm.com, SmartThings, Zigbee, Z-Wave Plus and Bluetooth®.

Z Wave
Work With Apple Homekit
Work With Alarm.com
Works With SmartThings

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