Wireless keypad
The Danapad is an elegant Bluetooth smart access control unit - wireless and easy to install.

Why have a Danapad?
The Danapad is made to give access without the use of a smartphone.

Up to 20 access codes
Create and store up to 20 access codes via the danalock app or type them manually on the Danapad. The codes can be from four to eight digits depending on the security level you want or let the app make random codes for you.

Send access codes
You can choose to save or send & save a temporary, recurrent or permanent access code via SMS or e-mail.

Energy efficiency
The Danapad is only active when touched making the battery lifetime extremly long.




Lights up when needed
Just hold your hand near the Keypad and it lights up.

If you write a wrong access code 3 times in a row the Keypad will go into a 2 minutes lockout period.



Keypad specifications
Works with Danalock V2
Power supply: 2 stk 3 volt coin cell CR2450
Description: Black casing