Grey key in keychain

The key in the keychain turns grey when the lock is unreachable.

1. Remove the App from the background or close it entirely
2. Turn off Bluetooth on the phone
3. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone
4. Restart the App


Invalid key or grey key in keychain

Everything has been working right for a period but now
it is not possible to connect to the Danalock with the phone.

This can be caused by phone updates etc.

1. Delete the Danalock app on the phone
2. Hold the finger on the userbutton on the Danalock for
    10 beeps to reset the factory settings
3. Download the Danalock app and install it on the phone
4. Press Menu and then Add Lock to set up the Danalock again


Lock cannot be added to the gateway

The lock cannot be added to the gateway.

1. Exclude the lock from the gateway
2. Re-include the lock to the gateway


Auto unlock stopped working

Auto unlock stopped working because other devices have been paired.

1. Turn off Bluetooth on the phone
2. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone

Notice that you might experience interference from other
Bluetooth devices. Apple products will typically be ranked
higher than other Bluetooth devices.


Auto unlock is slow or delayed

Auto unlock doesn't start before you reach the door.

Please follow these 5 steps for arranging the Danalock app priority for Android smartphones version 5+ Lollipop and Marshmallow to allow Auto unlock notifications.


Find your smartphone Apps notification options in the Settings under Notifications. Press the Apps symbol.

Then press the Danalock App symbol.

Now enable the Priority and Allow peeking buttons. Go back under Settings by pressing the arrow at the left top corner.

Under Settings you need to press Lock screen.

And finally enable Show all notifications. Now the smartphone will notify you when you are in unlock range.

Note: changes in procedure might occur in future Android updates


The lock gives two beeps

The lock gives two beeps when operating:

Press here for sound

The keys are invalid and you need to refresh the keys.
After three unsuccesful attempts the lock becomes inoperable by phone for 2 minutes.

Operate with key from the outside or by touch button from the inside during the time out period.


My Airbnb guest loses the electronic key

An empty key chain saying “INSTALL A DANALOCK”
or the key is missing:

  1. Delete the user from the list of lock users if it still exists

      Press Menu and Lock users and delete the user

  1. Use the standard functionality in the Danalock App to share/re-share either a temporary or permanent key with the respective dana user (your guest), which is the username your guest logged in with.

      Press Menu and Lock users

      Press Invite guest on top

      Chose either Permanent access or Temporary access.

      Click on the Keyhole icon and type the username
      belonging to your guest and press OK.

More info about sharing keys can be found here


I want to reset my Danalock

Somethings gone totally wrong and now I don't know what to do but start all over again.

  1. You’ll have to delete the lock in the Danalock app.
    Press ”Menu” and then ”Delete lock” at the bottom of the screen.

  2. You will have to hold your finger on the user button in the middle of your Danalock until you have heard a beep 10 times. Now the Danalock is reset.

  3. Install and set up the Danalock using the guide that fits your door: