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PolyControl propose depuis un certains temps une serrure connectée Z-Wave et BLE, la Danalock. Aujourd’hui la société Danoise a décidé d’en faire une gamme de produits, composé de différentes nouveautés.










Petit rappel, la Danalock est une serrure connectée fonctionnant en Bluetooth mais également en Z-Wave. Cela lui permet de fonctionner de façon autonome depuis l’application dédiée mais également depuis un contrôleur domotique Z-Wave compatible. Au CES2016 la Danalock nous est présenté en V2 avec tout d’abord un nouveau packaging.


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Danalock smart lock + Apple Watch + Vera Edge + VeraMate = no problem

Watch this nice Video from a happy user

The Danalock V2 Z-wave works perfectly with Vera edge, VeraMate and an Apple Watch.
With the Z-wave version of the Danalock, the possibilities are endless, remote control, integration with smart watch and much more.
Notice the Break and go back setting. A neat feature that holds back the latch for 5 seconds, giving you easy access by simply slightly pushing the door. (force unlock)

Experience the new Danalock V2 on CES2016, South Hall Booth #21000


Discover the new Danalock V2, the Danapad, Danafob, Danabridge, Danagarage and all the other Smartest products on CES 2016, LAS VEGAS, NV – South Hall – Booth #21000
From January the 6th to January the 9th

Poly-Control will demonstrate the Danalock product family in the Z-Wave Alliance Pavilion throughout the CES conference:

  • Danalock V2 – Smartest smartlock ever!
  • Danapad – Access the home via a key pad smart control unit
  • Danafob – Easy to use one click key fob to lock and unlock the Danalock
  • Danabridge – This downloadable free app included in Danalock V2 creates a Wi-Fi bridge giving users remote access and control of Danalock from all over the world via their old iPads or Smartphones.
  • Danagarage – Add all the functionality of Danalock V2to your motorized garage door and enjoy the features of a Smartgarage.

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Danalock makes it to the headlines in the biggest danish newspaper


This weekend the Danes had the opportunity to read about Danalock and Smart homes in Jyllands Posten.

Morten Lund is a researcher at the Business Model Design Center at Aalborg University investigating in the usa and capabilities of the intelligent home. His house is packed with intelligent and electronic solutions that are integrated into everyday life, most of them controlled with different apps on Morten Lund’s smartphone. The article explains why and how the intelligent home will change the way we live.

Click here to download a danish pdf version of the article

Danalock makes it easier than ever to be Airbnb Host


No more hiding the key under the mat, sending it by mail
or having to be there to give the guests the key.

The airbnb booking service is fully integrated in the Danalock app.
Directly from the Danalock app you send highly encrypted
virtual keys to the tenants, only valid in the rental period,
enabling them to lock and unlock the door using the smartphone.

No matter where you are you can always grant access,
get notifications, and monitor the use of your Danalock.