Danalock Airbnb Integration

Let the integration do the work for you when managing PIN codes for your guests

Danalock V3

Easily install the retrofit lock on your existing door and manage the lock through the Danalock mobile app or from Danalock web app.

Danapad V3

Grant access to your Airbnb guests with time-restricted PIN codes - no need for your guests to install an app, they just enter the PIN and start enjoying their stay at your Airbnb.

Danabridge V3

The bridge gives you easy access to manage your guest PIN codes remotely and at the same time keep an eye out on the battery level of your Danalock.

All three devices are required for the integration to work

How does the integration work?

Managing Pin codes

Managing pin codes will never get easier. The system will keep track of your bookings and generate, change, and delete PIN codes according to the booking. Even if the guest makes changes to the duration of the booking the system will adjust accordingly.

Guest receiving codes

Your guest will automatically receive their PIN code 5 days before the booking starts. You can adjust the information sent to the guest for each of your Airbnb listings.

Steps to go through

To start setting up the integration, sing in with your Danalock account on and look for the Airbnb button.

Connect to Airbnb

During the setup you will connect to your Airbnb account creating a link between Airbnb and your Danalock account. Only the owner of the Danalock account can setup the connection.

Connecting locks

You will be shown a list of your listing on Airbnb. From there you can connect the individual listing to your Danalock lock.

Setup your custom texts

Customize the texts for each of your listings to guide the guest or use the standard text provide by us.

Lean back

Now all you have to do is just lean back and let the system do the work for you. Codes will be sent out, if anything fails you will be notified.

Need help?

Take a look at our support page for Airbnb - follow the link.