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Need help getting startet or do you have questions for our integration with Airbnb?
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Getting Started...

Read our help guides below to get started with the Danalock integration to Airbnb.

Danalock representation of the Airbnb integration

How to connect

To connect, simply go to and sign in with your owner account.

NB: Only the owner of the Danalock account can manage the integration and you can only link one Danalock account with one Airbnb account.

Look for the "Airbnb" in the top menu of the page.
Follow the on-screen guide to sign in with your Airbnb account and thereby link it with your Danalock account.


How to connect listings with locks

Once the accounts have been linked you will see all your Airbnb listing.

Here you can click on "Connect" to connect the individual listings with your matching Danalock.

Remember that the Danalock most be paired with a Danabridge to show up in the list of lock, and the system also requires a Danapad being paired to the lock in order to work as intended.

Install and setup Danalock, Danapad, and Danabridge

Minimum requirements for linking to Airbnb


You have to be the host owner of the Airbnb account to link it with a Danalock account.

Also, only the owner account of the Danalock devices can setup the link with the Airbnb integration. If you are an invited administrator or guest of the Danalock account you will not be able to setup the link.

Hardware requirements

In order to make use of our Airbnb integration each lock has to be paired with a Danabridge (for the remote management by the integration to happen) and also a Danapad (For entering the PIN codes)

This integration can only make use of PIN codes.

Error messages from the integration explained

FAQ about the Airbnb Integration

Airbnb | Danalock | Requirements

Danalock Airbnb Integration

These are requirements to make us of the Danalock Airbnb integration:

A Danalock V3 lock

HomeKit locks needs to have the latest firmware for dual mode support and be enrolled on a Danalock account.

A Danapad V3 paired with the lock

For entering the PIN codes

A Danabridge V3

Paired with the lock.
Connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network
Plugged into a power outlet within Bluetooth range of the lock. (Recommend no more than 5-8 meters)
This allows the integration to communicate with the lock and update the PIN codes.

A Danalock account

You will have to be the owner of the account on which the Danalock devices has been enrolled.

All locks for the listings on the Airbnb account needs to be enroll on one Danalock account, and only one Danalock account can be linked to one Airbnb account.

Free PIN code slots

Out of the 20 slots on the lock we recommend that you have at least 5 free for the integration to use.

Airbnb | Danalock | When will the guest receive the PIN code

Danalock Airbnb Integration

The guest will receive the PIN code in an e-mail sent through the Airbnb platform.

The e-mail will contain the confirmation code and the listing name for the guest to identify the booking.

The e-mail will be sent 5 days before the booking starts.


At the same time you as the Host will also receive an e-mail notification with all the details.

Airbnb Host notify new pin

Airbnb | Danalock | What if I have multiple Danalock accounts or multiple Airbnb accounts?

Danalock Airbnb Integration

It is not possible to link more than one Danalock account with an Airbnb account
Also - it is not possible to link more than one Airbnb account with a Danalock account.

If you have your locks spread out over multiple Danalock accounts but only one Airbnb account, then you will have to gather all the Danalocks, Danabridges, and Danapads on one account.

On the other hand - if you have multiple Airbnb accounts, you will have to spilt the devices into multiple Danalock accounts.

Airbnb | Danalock | Can guests avoid entering PIN when locking

Danalock Airbnb Integration

You can make it easier for your guests to lock the door by activating "Easy Lock" under the Danapad settings.

This feature enables your guest to lock the door from the outside by just pressing the lock button on the Danapad - no need for entering the PIN code.

PIN code will still be required when unlocking.

Danapad Easy Lock

Airbnb | Danalock | What will happen when integration is removed?

Danalock Airbnb Integration

When you remove the Airbnb Danalock integration all already created PIN codes will remain on the locks - that also applies for PIN codes expiring after the end of the booking.

PIN codes not created on already confirmed bookings will not be automatically created after you remove the integration.

If you removed the integration by mistake and therefore activate it again please be aware that the already confirmed bookings won't automatically handled - you will have to create PIN codes for those. Only booking made after the integration is activated will be handled automatically.

Airbnb | Danalock | Will I get a copy of the PIN sent to my guests?

Danalock Airbnb Integration

Once the PIN is created and sent to your guest you will also get a copy of the PIN codes, including the listing name, the confirmation code (which is used for the naming of the PIN code) and the dates of the booking.

Airbnb Host notify new pin

Airbnb | Danalock | What if internet or power is down at time of PIN code creation?

Danalock Airbnb Integration

If your internet is down or the power for the Danabridge is out during the process of the automatic PIN code creation, the system will try for one hour and if still not able to process the task we will inform you as the Host about the issue with the following message.