Danalock V1 & V2

Here you can find some answers to your questions about the Danalock V1 & V2 locks

The Danalock V1 & V2 are both discontinued models since 2017 and we do not provide support for those models any longer.

You can find help for both models here below.
And some questions might also be answered through the FAQ on our V3 models.

FAQ - V1 & V2 locks

What do I do if I have lost my Bluetooth connection?

If your phone can’t connect to your lock via Bluetooth, try closing the app, turning off Bluetooth on your phone, and waiting for 10 seconds before turning it back on. Now restart the Danalock app and try to connect again.

If your phone still can’t connect to your lock, try turning off Bluetooth and restarting your phone.
When your phone boots up, activate Bluetooth again and open the Danalock app.

How do I reset my Danalock V2?

First, delete the lock from the app. Go to your app and log in, select “Device” and then “Delete Device”. Confirm the deletion by selecting OK. When the lock is deleted from the Danalock app, run a security key reset on the lock by placing your finger on the button in the center of the lock for five beeps and then letting go. Wait for one minute and then run a factory reset by placing your finger on the center button of the lock for 10 beeps. The Danalock has now been reset. After resetting, wait for two minutes before reinstalling the lock. If you have a V1 lock, remember to set the lock into Inclusion mode by selecting the center button for three beeps before reinstalling. When you are ready, reinstall the lock as described in the Danalock App User Guide.

What do I do if my Danalock V2 indicates that it already has an owner?

Please contact Support with the following information: Your username, proof of purchase, and the lock’s MAC number (which can be located by searching for the lock with the Danalock app).

If you can’t find the MAC number, send a photo of the inside of the lock (the green circuit board behind the front cover), and we may be able to locate the number.

Our Support Team will confirm your ownership and reset the lock.