Danalock V2 smart lock

Danalock V2

How do I install my Danalock?

Your Danalock was engineered for easy installation. Depending on your door type, you will either have to attach a mounting plate to the door or replace your locking cylinder with one we provide. Your Danalock package will contain the necessary parts to install the Danalock in your region. Click to find video guides and installation manuals.

Which smart home systems are compatible with the Danalock V2?

Amazon Echo

The Danalock is compatible with Amazon Echo. You can connect Amazon Alexa with the Danalock via a gateway to link them.

Airbnb (currently unavailable)

The Danalock app supports Airbnb, allowing you to connect your Danalock to your rental accommodations without having to manage physical keys. Just connect the Danalock app with your Airbnb account and then associate your listing with the correct lock. Refer to our Airbnb User Guide for more.

What do I do if my Danalock V2 indicates that it already has an owner?

Please contact Support with the following information: Your username, proof of purchase, and the lock’s MAC number (which can be located by searching for the lock with the Danalock app). If you can’t find the MAC number, send a photo of the inside of the lock (the green circuit board behind the front cover), and we may be able to locate the number. Our Support Team will confirm your ownership and reset the lock.

How do I reset my Danalock V2?

First, delete the lock from the app. Go to your app and log in, select “Device” and then “Delete Device”. Confirm the deletion by selecting OK.

When the lock is deleted from the Danalock app, run a security key reset on the lock by placing your finger on the button in the center of the lock for five beeps and then letting go. Wait for one minute and then run a factory reset by placing your finger on the center button of the lock for 10 beeps. The Danalock has now been reset. After resetting, wait for two minutes before reinstalling the lock. If you have a V1 lock, remember to set the lock into Inclusion mode by selecting the center button for three beeps before reinstalling.

When you are ready, reinstall the lock as described in the Danalock App User Guide.

What do I do if I have lost my Bluetooth connection?

If your phone can’t connect to your lock via Bluetooth, try closing the app, turning off Bluetooth on your phone, and waiting for 10 seconds before turning it back on. Now restart the app and try to connect.

If your phone still can’t connect to your lock, try turning off Bluetooth and restarting your phone. When your phone boots up, activate Bluetooth again and restart the Danalock app.

How do I invite guests?

Applies to: Danalock V3 BT, BTx

You can invite users to join your account by either inviting them from your Danalock app or via my.Danalock.com (from computer or tablet).

This does not apply for Danalock HomeKit – here you will need to invite through the Home app.

In the app, navigate to the Danalock smart lock you want to invite guests to and press “Users”

On my.danalock.com, go to “New” in the top right corner.

My.danalock.com – Invite guests

You can choose between three types of access:

  • Permanent
  • Temporary
  • Recurring (available only from my.danalock.com)

We have written about inviting guests and the flow of inviting in Danalock basic app guide and Danalock invitation flow guide that you can locate and download here

Does the Danalock fit my door?

The Danalock is made to fit standard doors worldwide.

The four most common types of cylinders are:

  1. Scandi cylinders
  2. ASSA 2000
  3. Euro cylinders
  4. Deadbolt cylinders

Our mounting guide gives a clear picture of all four. Click here.

The Danalock will not fit on mortise cylinder locks.

If you are unsure whether the Danalock will fit your door, download and print a template of the Danalock mounting plates. If the screw holes on one of them match your door, the Danalock will fit. Please note: the template must be printed at 100% scale.

Euro cylinders

For Euro cylinders, you will need to have a cylinder with a tailpiece mounted. This type of cylinder can be bought separately.

See our mounting guide for further information.

Scandi and ASSA 2000 cylinders

Most Scandi and ASSA 2000 cylinders with a thump turn on the inside, already has a tailpiece installed – but in some cases the tailpiece needs to be replaced.
A replacement is included in the Scandi versions of our Danalock.

If you use a key on the inside, you can in most cases simply replace the inside cylinder with the tailpiece in the box.

Need more help?

For more information, feel free to contact your local Danalock reseller or our Support department. We’re here to help.
Please include pictures of your door from both inside and outside.

How do I set up Auto Unlock?

The Auto Unlock feature uses GPS to detect your arrival and automatically unlocks the door for you.

The Danalock can be set from a 200-meter and up to a 2000-meter radius zone for auto unlocking (Depending on phone brand).

When you enter the Auto unlock zone, the Danalock app will start looking for the lock.
On iOS phones, you can set how long the app will look for the phone.

Once the Danalock app has unlocked your door, it will not unlock it again, until you have left and reentered the Auto Unlock Zone. This is to avoid accidental unlocking while you are home.

Please note: For the Danalock V3 HomeKit version, only Apple’s automation features are available. Read our comparison of versions at the bottom of the page.

Setting up Auto Unlock:

Ensure that GPS/ location functionality on your phone is turned on and that you are within range of your Danalock.

In the Danalock app, navigate to the lock you want to unlock automatically and select “Device/Settings”.

Choose the Auto Unlock option, slide to activate. Once the GPS has located your position, select “Save”. The purple area on the map is your Auto Unlock Zone.

You can adjust the geofence radius and activate or deactivate notifications for entering/exiting Auto Unlock Zone. When you leave this zone and enter it again, the Danalock app will search for your Danalock and unlock it. We recommend a zone no smaller than 500 meters – in some cases even working better on 1000 meters.

Auto Unlock tips and tricks

My Danalock will not auto unlock.

If your Danalock doesn’t unlock when you enter the Auto Unlock Zone, please check the following.

  • In the Danalock app, ensure that Auto Unlock functionality is turned on and that the Auto Unlock Zone is correctly located.
  • On Android phones, try calibrating your GPS – this is in most phones done in the Google Maps app.
  • On some phones, especially Samsung, battery optimization can affect the Auto Unlock feature. We suggest turning off battery optimization for the Danalock app.
  • On Android phones: If you just updated your phone with the latest OS the auto unlock feature will deactivate. Go into the app and reactivate auto unlock and check that phone permissions are set correctly (see below).

The tips and tricks below can help with issues with the Auto Unlock feature:

Location Permission:
On both Android and iOS devices – make sure that the app has location permission set to “Always allow”.

On Android devices, you normally go to the “settings” and look for “Apps”.
In the list of apps, scroll down to and select the Danalock app.
Look for “Permissions” or like and that the location permission to “Always” or like.

On iOS devices, go to “settings”, scroll down to and select the Danalock app, go to “Location” and make sure that “Allow location access” is set to “Always”. Also, make sure that “Precise Location” is turned on.

If Auto Unlock still doesn’t function, please be aware that poor location reception may affect the reliability of geofence functionalities. In some cases, turning on WI-FI will improve location accuracy and strengthen the reliability of the Auto Unlock function.

What should I do if I lose my phone?

If you lose your phone you can still log into your account on another phone.

For safety we recommend that you follow this procedure:

  1. Delete your compromised locks
  2. Change your account password
  3. Re-enroll your locks

This procedure will generate new access codes and revoke access to anyone but yourself.

Reset your password by going to the login screen in the Danalock app. Select “Forgot password” and follow the instructions.

You can also log in at my.danalock.com and select “My account” in the top right corner. Chose “Change password”, enter and confirm your password as directed, and select “Save”. Your new password is now saved.

Is my phone compatible with the Danalock app?

The phone must support BLE – Bluetooth low energy.

Compatible iOS devices:

The Danalock app is compatible with all iPhones and iPads running iOS 12.4 and up.

Compatible Android Devices:

The Danalock app is compatible with all recent Android phones and tablets, running Android OS version 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and up.

Lollipop (Android 5.0) is also supported but may have some delays on the Bluetooth communication.

If you buy a new smartphone, just download the Danalock app and log in with your existing user profile.

Phones with known issues:

Samsung Galaxy A40 (Android 10) – Issue is being investigated.

Find the Danalock V3 FAQ here.