Danalock V3 smart lock

Danalock V3

How do I install my Danalock?

Your Danalock was engineered for easy installation. Depending on your door type, you will either have to attach a mounting plate to the door or replace your locking cylinder with one we provide. Your Danalock package will contain the necessary parts to install the Danalock in your region. Click to find video guides and installation manuals.

Setup/configuration of Danalock V3 Homekit

We recommend that you add and control your Danalock V3 HomeKit in Home app.

Danalock Home app inclusion

Lock must be set up and calibrated using Home App and click commands.

Please note Danalock V3 HomeKit does not support the Danalock accessories Danapad and Danabridge.

Invitation of additional users can only be made in Home app: Press the Home symbol in the top left corner ->  Home Settings -> + Invite people.
Note! When you invite a new user to Home app you give access to all HomeKit devices. It is not possible to give time restricted access.

You can compare the different Danalock V3 smart lock variants here.


Where do I find the HomeKit code?

The 8-digit HK code is found:

  1. On a sticker inside the battery cover of the lock.
  2. On the backside of the mounting manual included in the box.



What do I do if I loose the HK code?

If you misplace or loose your HK code kindly contact support@danalock.com.

Lock stuck in purple LED mode (Update mode)

For users with a lock stuck in purple LED mode (Update mode) click here for help.

Can’t enroll HomeKit lock in Bluetooth mode

Notice: This feature is coming in the next version of the HomeKit lock firmware – This update will be available later in 2022. Status: Waiting for Apple certification.

Getting the “Error 18 – Failed to enroll device. 66” in the iOS version of the Danalock app, means that the lock you are trying to enroll is already enrolled in HomeKit mode.

At this stage, the HomeKit mode is blocking you from adding the lock as a standard Bluetooth lock.

Fix this by going to “Device” + “Homekit Settings” and here press “Allow dual-mode inclusion for one minute”
This must be done on the HomeKit phone on which the lock is already added.

Now you have 1 minute to add the lock through the “Menu” + “Add new device”

Not the issue you are having?
If this is not the error you are getting, then please try to add the lock again – but remember a lock already added to another account cannot be added again – then you will have to be invited as a guest to the lock.

How to update your Danalock V3-BTZBE (Zigbee lock)

We have released information on how to update the Zigbee module firmware on the Danalock.
You need to be aware that there are two versions of the Danalock Zigbee lock.

Both locks can be updated with the latest mainboard firmware, but only the newest model can have the Zigbee module firmware updated.

V3-BTZB is built on the older Zigbee 1.2 and can’t be updated.
(The production date when scanning the QR code inside the battery cover will be 2020 or before)

V3-BTZBE is built on the newer Zigbee 3.0 and can be updated with the latest Zigbee firmware.
(The production date when scanning the QR code inside the battery cover will be 2021 or later)

For a guide on how to update the Zigbee 3.0 lock please click here

I have reset my lock – why can’t I add it again?

Applies to: Danalock V3

What happens when you reset your lock (10 clicks)

When resetting the lock with 10 clicks, it clears the lock settings e.g Hold back latch, pin codes, Twist assist, etc., but the lock is not removed from the account.

Nor is the connection to a smart home setup cleared.

Sold my lock / purchased a used lock

When a lock changes owner the lock needs to be deleted from the account. Resetting the lock with 10 clicks is not enough.
The previous owner needs to go to my.danalock.com and delete the lock from there.

Lock included on a smart home setup

A lock that is added to a smart home system like Z-wave or Zigbee, will no longer show up when trying to add the lock through Bluetooth in the app.
The lock needs to be removed from the smart home system before the lock can be added again.

Please follow this guide for more help.

HomeKit locks

10 clicks on a HomeKit lock will in fact reset the HomeKit connection on the lock.

On HomeKit locks in dual-mode the lock will still not be removed from the Danalock account – follow the link to my.danalock.com to delete the lock entirely if that is what you want.


How to exclude a Danalock from a smart home setup

Applies to: Danalock V3 BTZx, BT-HK


To exclude a Danalock from a smart home setup, you’ll need to follow your hub/gateway guidelines.
The process differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

But in general, follow these instructions.


To exclude a lock from a z-wave setup you will have to start an exclusion process on the hub.
It’s best to do this on the hub on which the lock is included.
In some cases like with the Aeotec Smart Home Hub / Samsung Smartthings V3, you can set the hub in exclusion mode, and press the button behind the LED on the Danalock 1 time, to reset the inclusion.


To make the Zigbee lock leave the smart home setup, you can either delete the lock from the hub with the lock nearby or you can simply click the button behind the LED on the Danalock 9 times.


To remove the Danalock from HomeKit you click the button behind the LED on the Danalock 10 times. This not only resets the HomeKit registration on the lock but also the lock setting including calibration, so please remember to set your settings on the lock again and run a new calibration. To remove the lock entry in your Home app, simply remove it there.


Danabridge: Enable remote access for guest user(s)

If your lock is bridged you can grant guest users remote access to your lock from my.danalock.com.

Login to my.danalock.com > Press the username of the guest > Allow remote operations.

Now the guest user can lock/unlock the lock from a distance.

I have moved into a house/an apartment with a Danalock. How do I claim ownership of the lock?

You moved into a house/an apartment with a Danalock mounted on the door. If the previous owner did not release the lock from his/her Danalock account, you will not be able to add the lock to your account.

  1. Contact the original owner to get the Danalock released from his/her account. FAQ > How do I reset my Danalock V3.  NOTE! The procedure is the same for Danapad and Danabridge.
  2. If the owner of the Danalock is unable to release it, he/she can contact support@danalock.com and request the release. IMPORTANT! The request email should be sent from the email address used as username.


How do I invite guests?

Applies to: Danalock V3 BT, BTx

You can invite users to join your account by either inviting them from your Danalock app or via my.Danalock.com (from computer or tablet).

This does not apply for Danalock HomeKit – here you will need to invite through the Home app.

In the app, navigate to the Danalock smart lock you want to invite guests to and press “Users”

On my.danalock.com, go to “New” in the top right corner.

My.danalock.com – Invite guests

You can choose between three types of access:

  • Permanent
  • Temporary
  • Recurring (available only from my.danalock.com)

We have written about inviting guests and the flow of inviting in Danalock basic app guide and Danalock invitation flow guide that you can locate and download here

What do I do if my Danalock V3 indicates that it already has an owner?
Or if I can’t find the lock when trying to add it?

Please contact Support with the following information:

  • Your username
  • Proof of purchase
  • The Danalock S/N number (The S/N number can be found inside the battery cover).

Our Support Team will confirm your ownership and reset the lock.

Does the Danalock fit my door?

The Danalock is made to fit standard doors worldwide.

The four most common types of cylinders are:

  1. Scandi cylinders
  2. ASSA 2000
  3. Euro cylinders
  4. Deadbolt cylinders

Our mounting guide gives a clear picture of all four. Click here.

The Danalock will not fit on mortise cylinder locks.

If you are unsure whether the Danalock will fit your door, download and print a template of the Danalock mounting plates. If the screw holes on one of them match your door, the Danalock will fit. Please note: the template must be printed at 100% scale.

Euro cylinders

For Euro cylinders, you will need to have a cylinder with a tailpiece mounted. This type of cylinder can be bought separately.

See our mounting guide for further information.

Scandi and ASSA 2000 cylinders

Most Scandi and ASSA 2000 cylinders with a thump turn on the inside, already has a tailpiece installed – but in some cases the tailpiece needs to be replaced.
A replacement is included in the Scandi versions of our Danalock.

If you use a key on the inside, you can in most cases simply replace the inside cylinder with the tailpiece in the box.

Need more help?

For more information, feel free to contact your local Danalock reseller or our Support department. We’re here to help.
Please include pictures of your door from both inside and outside.

What are the differences between the Danalock V3 variants?

Danalock V3 is available in four variants: 

  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth with Zigbee (V3-BTZB or V3-BTZBE)
  • Bluetooth with Z-wave
  • HomeKit (Only)

You can compare the different Danalock V3 smart lock variants here

Please note that the Danalock HomeKit does not support the Danapad and Danabridge accessories.
Nor can you invite guests through the Danalock app, but must use the Home app.

Danabridge V3 – lock status

Lock status is showing as Unknown in the Danalock app when you are out of Bluetooth reach of the Danalock V3.

If you have a Danabridge paired with the Danalock, press the lock status icon in the Danalock app.

Setting up the Danabridge

Set up and connect your Danabridge V3:

App guide: Danabridge-v3_app-guide

Video guide 

To setup Wi-Fi on the Danabridge you will need to make sure you are entering the correct Wi-Fi password.
As we cannot get an error message over Bluetooth from the Danabridge if the wrong Wi-Fi password was entered we cant tell it to you.

If the Danabridge does not light up green on the status indicator (LED) after at most 20 seconds after entering the password, you should try again.

To try again, you will need to go to the Wi-Fi settings in the Danabridge menu, disconnect from the Wi-Fi, choose the Wi-Fi again and enter the correct Wi-Fi password.

Please remember:

  • The Danabridge only works on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi passwords are case sensitive.

How do I set pin codes on my Danalock V3

Danapad pin codes can be set either through the app when you are standing next to the lock and Danapad or you can set pin codes remotely via My.Danalock.com when the lock is connected with the Danabridge.

NB: Some Z-wave hubs like the Vera Edge and Vera Plus can also set pin codes remotely.

Time zone needs to be set on lock

First, make sure that the time zone is set on the lock.
You will do that by pressing “Time zone” in the lock setting under “Settings + Lock Info”
Please do it even though it looks like the zone is set – just to be sure.

The Danalock App

In the menu in the Danalock app, you will find “My accessory devices”. There you will see your Danapad – choose that. Then find “Pin codes” From here you can set and remove pin codes on the lock.

You can add a permanent pin code, a temporary pin code, or a recurring pin code.

In the Danalock app, you can’t set pin codes remotely.


The Danabridge V3 creates a connection between the Danalock and My.Danalock.com. Without Danabridge V3 you cannot use My.Danalock.com to manage pin codes remotely.

Pin codes can be set by the domain owner and created administrators.

Find the lock in the dashboard and look for “Pin codes”

Read more in the guide

View video guide on how to set pin codes remotely.

Please note, that for now, it is not possible to give your pin codes alias names. It is on our list for future development – time estimate unknown.

Smart home hubs

Some smart home hubs support pushing pin codes to the Danalock – please refer to the manufactures guides for more information.

How do I set up Auto Unlock?

The Auto Unlock feature uses GPS to detect your arrival and automatically unlocks the door for you.

The Danalock can be set from a 200-meter and up to a 2000-meter radius zone for auto unlocking (Depending on phone brand).

When you enter the Auto unlock zone, the Danalock app will start looking for the lock.
On iOS phones, you can set how long the app will look for the phone.

Once the Danalock app has unlocked your door, it will not unlock it again, until you have left and reentered the Auto Unlock Zone. This is to avoid accidental unlocking while you are home.

Please note: For the Danalock V3 HomeKit version, only Apple’s automation features are available. Read our comparison of versions at the bottom of the page.

Setting up Auto Unlock:

Ensure that GPS/ location functionality on your phone is turned on and that you are within range of your Danalock.

In the Danalock app, navigate to the lock you want to unlock automatically and select “Device/Settings”.

Choose the Auto Unlock option, slide to activate. Once the GPS has located your position, select “Save”. The purple area on the map is your Auto Unlock Zone.

You can adjust the geofence radius and activate or deactivate notifications for entering/exiting Auto Unlock Zone. When you leave this zone and enter it again, the Danalock app will search for your Danalock and unlock it. We recommend a zone no smaller than 500 meters – in some cases even working better on 1000 meters.

Auto Unlock tips and tricks

My Danalock will not auto unlock.

If your Danalock doesn’t unlock when you enter the Auto Unlock Zone, please check the following.

  • In the Danalock app, ensure that Auto Unlock functionality is turned on and that the Auto Unlock Zone is correctly located.
  • On Android phones, try calibrating your GPS – this is in most phones done in the Google Maps app.
  • On some phones, especially Samsung, battery optimization can affect the Auto Unlock feature. We suggest turning off battery optimization for the Danalock app.
  • On Android phones: If you just updated your phone with the latest OS the auto unlock feature will deactivate. Go into the app and reactivate auto unlock and check that phone permissions are set correctly (see below).

The tips and tricks below can help with issues with the Auto Unlock feature:

Location Permission:
On both Android and iOS devices – make sure that the app has location permission set to “Always allow”.

On Android devices, you normally go to the “settings” and look for “Apps”.
In the list of apps, scroll down to and select the Danalock app.
Look for “Permissions” or like and that the location permission to “Always” or like.

On iOS devices, go to “settings”, scroll down to and select the Danalock app, go to “Location” and make sure that “Allow location access” is set to “Always”. Also, make sure that “Precise Location” is turned on.

If Auto Unlock still doesn’t function, please be aware that poor location reception may affect the reliability of geofence functionalities. In some cases, turning on WI-FI will improve location accuracy and strengthen the reliability of the Auto Unlock function.

What is the “End to end Operation” feature?

The End to end operation feature is made for door locks where a key turn does not turn the Danalock.

We call this kind of cylinder a not synchronized door lock.

By turning the key the Danalock does not move and therefore the Danalock does not change state.

Watch video.  

By activating the End to end operation feature and calibrating the lock, you simply tell the Danalock to operate the lock in the direction you asked for regardless of the status of the lock. (Locked/Unlocked)

HomeKit: On the Danalock V3 HomeKit, activate this feature doing 6 clicks with a paperclip in the small hole on top of the lock.

Download click commands for HomeKit here.

Note: As a result of activating this feature, the status (Locked or unlocked) in the Danalock app will not show. This is due to the fact that we don’t know for sure what the correct status is of the lock cylinder.

What is the “Hold back Latch” feature?

By activating the Hold-back-Latch feature, the Danalock holds back the latch in your door.

You can configure it to hold back the latch for up to 15 seconds. This feature must be activated if you don’t have a handle on the outside of your door.

You activate the feature in the Danalock app.

HomeKit: If you have a Danalock V3 HomeKit version, you activate the feature by means of 4 clicks with a paperclip on top of the lock in the small hole. Choose between five and 15 seconds.

Download click commands for HomeKit here.

How do I change the batteries in my Danalock V3?

  1. Dismount the Danalock V3 from the door (optional).
  2. Open the battery compartment and pull the two black ribbons to release the batteries.
  3. Replace all four batteries with new ones (never mix used and new ones – see disclaimer below).
  4. With the new batteries in place put the battery lid back on and reattach the Danalock V3 to the door.
  5. Recalibrate the lock and you are good to go again.

Disclaimer: It is very important to replace all 4 batteries at the same time. Use only approved disposable CR123 lithium batteries. Click here to find the list of approved batteries. Not replacing all batteries at the same time can affect the batteries to heat and potentially cause them to explode. Danalock has no responsibility in any way if the replacement of batteries is done inaccurately.

You can read more about safety and disposal og batteries here.

I can’t connect my Danapad V3 to my Danalock V3

Make sure that your Danalock V3 has the latest firmware installed before trying to connect it to your Danapad V3.

You can upgrade the firmware on your Danalock V3 in the Danalock App by following these steps:

  1. Make sure that you are near your Danalock V3 and your phone has Bluetooth turned on.
  2. In the Danalock APP keychain navigate to the lock you want to upgrade the firmware on.
  4. Press the firmware upgrade button to install the latest version

Which smart home systems are compatible with Danalock V3?

The Danalock V3 comes in 3 smart home versions – with Z-Wave and Zigbee protocols as well as Apple HomeKit.

The Z-Wave and Zigbee versions are compatible with all the smart home hubs that support protocols such as the SmartThings Hub, The Wink Hub, Vera, Fibaro Home Center, Zipato, etc.


Please note that your Z-wave gateway must support secure classes S2 for Z-Wave (Z-Wave Plus) and it must support door locks.

Having doubts?

Contact Support to ensure that you have the right lock for your smart home system. You can also compare the different versions of our V3 locks here.

Amazon Echo

The Danalock is compatible with Amazon Echo. You can connect Amazon Alexa with the Danalock via a gateway to link them.

Airbnb (temporarily unavailable)

The Danalock app did support Airbnb by connecting the service to your Danalock account, but this is not possible at the moment. As of right now we cant say if this service will return.

What should I do if I lose my phone?

If you lose your phone you can still log into your account on another phone.

For safety we recommend that you follow this procedure:

  1. Delete your compromised locks
  2. Change your account password
  3. Re-enroll your locks

This procedure will generate new access codes and revoke access to anyone but yourself.

Reset your password by going to the login screen in the Danalock app. Select “Forgot password” and follow the instructions.

You can also log in at my.danalock.com and select “My account” in the top right corner. Chose “Change password”, enter and confirm your password as directed, and select “Save”. Your new password is now saved.

How do I connect my Danalock to a Z-wave/Zigbee gateway and Bluetooth at the same time?

A dual-mode lock like our Z-wave and Zigbee locks, can either be used with only the smarthome solution, only the Bluetooth option (Danalock app) or both.

But it matters in which order you set it up!

The order is always:

  1. Bluetooth first
  2. Z-wave/Zigbee second

If you have included the lock on your hub/gateway first, and you want to include it in the Danalock app (Bluetooth), you will need to remove it from your hub/gateway first so that Bluetooth will be discoverable again. Then add the lock to the Danalock app and finish by including the lock on the hub/gateway again.

How to exclude a Z-wave lock

To exclude a Z-wave lock, you will need to set your hub/gateway in exclusion mode (Refer to your hub/gateway manual).
Then give the lock one click in the pinhole on the lock – it will start flashing green.

In some cases, you need to be close to the hub for the exclusion to go smoothly.

How to exclude a Zigbee lock

To exclude a Zigbee lock (Firmware 0.17.x or never) you can simply give the lock 9 clicks in the pinhole on the lock.
The lock will flash green a few times and then one red flash to confirm exclusion.

Remember to delete the lock manually on your hub/gateway also.

Firmware version 0.16.x and ealier: You will need to set your hub/gateway in exclusion mode – then give the lock one click in the pinhole.

How to include on Z-wave/Zigbee

To include the Z-wave or Zigbee lock on your gateway or hub, the two must be within 1 meter from each other.

Set your gateway or hub in inclusion mode first.
Then give the lock one click in the pinhole to set the lock in inclusion mode.
Inclusion will begin. It may take some time, so please be patient.

For Z-wave, the lock will flash green for up to 30 seconds. Be patient – even up to 30 seconds after the flashing stops the hub can still be working on the inclusion. So wait for it.

For Zigbee, the lock will flash green for 4 or 30 seconds depending on the version of Zigbee lock (BTZBE / BTZB) – then it will flash white for up to 2 minutes.
Please be patient – some hubs/bridges take time to finish the process even after the flashing on the lock has stopped. If the process doesn’t work the first time, please give the lock 9 clicks in the pinhole and try the process again.

Don’t want to use Bluetooth?

You can include the lock only on your hub/gateway. When doing so the lock will stop broadcasting Bluetooth for security reasons – so no one can highjack the lock using a Danalock app.

How do I reset my Danalock V3?

First, delete the lock from the app:

Go to your app and log in. Select “Device” and then “Delete Device”. Confirm the deletion by selecting OK.

When the lock is deleted from your phone, use the end of a paperclip to click the button in the small center hole on top of the Danalock 10 times. A red light on the lock will indicate the reset command. Wait five seconds to confirm the command. The Danalock will now reset to factory settings.

Is my phone compatible with the Danalock app?

The phone must support BLE – Bluetooth low energy.

Compatible iOS devices:

The Danalock app is compatible with all iPhones and iPads running iOS 12.4 and up.

Compatible Android Devices:

The Danalock app is compatible with all recent Android phones and tablets, running Android OS version 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) and up.

Lollipop (Android 5.0) is also supported but may have some delays on the Bluetooth communication.

If you buy a new smartphone, just download the Danalock app and log in with your existing user profile.

Phones with known issues:

Samsung Galaxy A40 (Android 10) – Issue is being investigated.

What is Twist Assist and why can’t I get it to work?

The Twist Assist feature helps you engage the thumb turn when turning the lock manually from the inside.

When you activate this feature, you only need to turn the Danalock a few degrees and the motor will take over, locking or unlocking the door for you.

You activate Twist Assist in the Danalock app through the “Device” settings.

HomeKit: If you have a Danalock V3 HomeKit version, you activate the feature with click commands – view HomeKit Click commands here.

Why isn’t it working?

Twist Assist will only activate if you have calibrated the lock.

If you have changed batteries or updated the firmware, we recommend you to re-calibrate the lock.

Please note, if you have just used the Twist Assist feature on the Danalock, you need to wait a few seconds before you can use the feature again.

How do I manually upgrade my firmware for the Danalock V3?

There are three ways to update the firmware on the Danalock devices.

Do the update through the Danalock app for iOS or Android
Find the firmware option in the lock settings, or find the firmware option for the accessories in the accessories settings menu.

(Recommended for users that don’t use the Danalock app in their installation)
Do the update through our dedicated app “Danalock Toolbox” which you can find in both the iOS and Android app stores.
You can find links and guides for this option here – Danalock Toolbox

(Only for advanced users)
Do a fully manual update by downloading the firmware file and using a 3rd party app called nRF Toolbox – available for both iOS and Android.
Read more about this option here – Advanced guide

! For users with a lock stuck in purple LED mode (Update mode), click here for help.

What is app-less pairing? (Danapad)

Important information:

This guide is about pairing the Danalock and Danapad together without using the Danalock app and servers.
Once this is done you cannot enroll the devices through the Danalock app and will only be able to use your Danalock devices with the Smart Home hub you add it to after the pairing!

The Smart home hub needs to support both the Danalock and the option for adding pin codes to the lock – please check this with the manufacturer of the hub you are using.


The Z-wave and Zigbee versions of our lock can be used on supported hubs and gateways as a standalone setup.

Meaning that you can use the lock without using the Danalock app – simply by adding the smart lock, Zigbee, or Z-wave versions only, to your Smart Home Hub, if supported by the hub.

But to add the Danapad to the setup, you will then need to add it in appless pairing mode.

Important: The app-less pairing needs to be done before the lock is added to your smart home hub – if done after, the lock will lose the connection to the hub and you will need to do the setup again.
Important: Any existing pin codes on the lock will be deleted once you do the app-less pairing – you will have to set them up again through the Smart Home Hub – remember to check if the hub supports the use of pin codes on the lock.

How to pair Danalock and Danapad in app-less pairing:

  1. Place the Danalock and DanaPad at a close distance from each other – 30 to 50 cm.
  2. Then click 7 times on the click command button on the lock (little hole on the top of the lock) and it will flash red and green.
  3. Press and hold down unlock button on the Danapad for 5-8 seconds and the LEDs on the pad will flash red/green, now press 1 on the pad and the flashing will slow down and then stop. The Flashing on the lock will also stop
    If you can’t get the devices to go into the app-less pairing mode make sure both devices have the latest firmware.

How to remove the appless pairing again if needed:

  1. Click 7 times on the click command button on the lock (little hole on the top of the lock) and it will flash red and green.
  2. Press and hold down unlock button on the Danapad for 5-8 seconds and the LEDs on the pad will flash red/green, now press 2 on the pad and the flashing will slow down and then stop.
    The Flashing on the lock will also stop. This now removes the pairing between the Danalock and the Danapad.

Known Hubs that support pin codes:

This list is not the full list of hubs to support pin codes, but is the hubs we have been able to confirm.

  • Homey hubs – Through flow cards (Zigbee and Z-wave)
  • Alarm.com hubs (Z-wave)
  • Fibaro Home Center 3 and Home Center Light, Home Center 2 (Z-wave)
  • Vera hubs (Z-wave)
  • Future Home (Z-wave)
  • Jeedom (Zigbee and Z-wave)

How to locate the serial number (S/N)

To locate the serial number (S/N) of the Danalock device, please look inside the battery cover.
This applies to the Danalock V3 models and the Danapad V3.

To locate the serial number of the Danabridge, find the sticker on the underside of the Danabridge, next to the standard USB plug.

Find the Danalock V2 FAQ here.