Danalock V3

Depending on the lock in your door, you have to choose a specific version of the Danalock V3 - the EURO, SCANDI, or US version. If you don't know what type of lock is mounted in your door, the guide might help you out*

Euro door


Know by the drop-like shape, the EURO cylinder is very common in European countries. It's operated with a thumb turn or a key on the inside.

Choose Danalock V3 EURO

Scandi door

Oval (Scandinavian)

Oval-shaped and very similar to the EURO profile cylinder. Most commonly used in Scandinavia.

Choose Danalock V3 SCANDI

Assa 2000 door

ASSA 2002

Similar to the Scandinavian oval. It's operated with both a thumb turn and a key on the inside.

Choose Danalock V3 SCANDI

US Deadbolt door


This type of lock is considered to be the most common in America.

Choose Danalock V3 US

* This just acts as a guide. If you are in doubt of the type of cylinder used in your door lock, you can contact a locksmith or ask the lock manufacturer for advice.