Danalock V3 Smart Lock

Automatic Unlock

No need to put your groceries down, Danalock V3 detects your arrival and unlocks the door for you.

Flexible Access Control

Grant access to other users or bridge your Danalock V3, so you can lock, unlock and monitor it from anywhere.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The Danalock has an average battery life of 12 months depending on daily use. The battery status is easily viewed in the App.

Danalock V3 smart lock and Danalock app

Grant Access to Your Home

The Danalock V3 is a wireless smart lock that lets you easily control access to your home with your smartphone. So stop worrying about lost or forgotten keys, use your smartphone to lock or unlock the door.

As the owner of a Danalock V3, you can create an unlimited number of digital keys for your family members, friends, guests, or helpers such as a housekeeper or contractor*. Program each user's access level by choosing permanent or temporary access. See who has used the lock in the app.

*For Danalock V3 Homekit features, please read the table at the bottom of the page.

Auto Unlock upon Arrival

Hands full? The Danalock V3 smart lock senses your approach and unlocks the door for you*.

For added convenience, you can configure the Danalock V3 to re-lock the door after entering.

*For Danalock V3 Homekit features, please read the table at the bottom of the page.

Intriguing Danish Design

With its simple Danish design and advanced encryption algorithm, the Danalock V3 offers a secure yet elegant door locking experience. The small form factor provides a sleek, futuristic look.

Danalock V3 smart lock

Compatible with Any Standard Door

With its country-specific adapters, the Danalock V3 is globally compatible. It fits the three most common types of cylinders: oval lock Scandi cylinders, drop-shaped Euro cylinders, and US deadbolt locks.

Click on the door that looks like yours for the right mounting guide or read more

Strong Security

The Danalock V3 uses an advanced encryption method for transferring data (AES 256), which is the same encryption technology used by governments and the military to keep information secure. The communication between the smart lock and the smartphone is protected by the advanced security protocol TLS 1.2. The digital keys that authenticate the Danalock V3 are stored in an HSM chip that ensures that all keys are exchanged without any private information leaving the chip.

The Smart Home Enabler

Let the Danalock V3 be the trigger of your smart home commands when entering or leaving your home.

Interoperability is the cornerstone of all Danalock products. The Danalock V3 is by far the most versatile and flexible platform available, setting new standards in cross-platform interoperability.

Danalock Interoperability

Supports All Integrations

The Danalock platform supports a wide range of integration options for third-party applications. Fully documented SDKs and APIs are available for partners. Danalock partners can integrate with their own commercial platform for their existing mobile apps, business applications, or booking systems.

Plays Well with Others

Danalock products utilize well-known communication technologies.

Z Wave

* Model dependent


* Model dependent

Work With Apple Homekit

That is why the Danalock products work with many of the major smart home systems, including Smartthings, Alarm.com, Homey, Fibaro and more.

Work With Alarm.com
Talks with Homey Landscape RGB
Works With Jeedom
Works With SmartThings

Danalock V3

Product Specifications

Product dimensions
59 x 59 x 68 mm / 2 1/2" x 2 5/6"
Bluetooth 4.2, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Apple HomeKit
Weight (ex. batteries)
4.6 ounces / 130 grams
Encryption level
256bit AES
4 CR123A batteries
Average battery life
approx. 1 year of battery life
ABS + anodized aluminum
Temperature range:
+5ºC to +50ºC
IP rating / IP code:

Certificates for Danalock V3 can be downloaded here

Danalock V3

Comparison of versions

  Bluetooth Homekit Bluetooth & Zigbee Bluetooth & Z-wave
Compatible with Danalock App for iOS (12.4 or later)
and Android (5.1 or later)
From firmware 2.7.5 the HomeKit lock works as a dual mode lock with both HomeKit and standard BT. Earlier versions works only in the Home app, or through the Danalock Classic app with lock and unlock only.
Compatible with standard doors (Scandi, Euro and US)
Strong security with AES 256 encryption algorithm (Scandi, Euro and US)
For HomeKit ChaCha20+Poly1305 algorithms are used, but in standard BT mode AES 256, but only from firmware 2.7.5 on the HomeKit lock. No standard BT in earlier firmware.

Via Bluetooth Zigbee applies AES 128

Via Bluetooth Z-wave applies AES 128
Auto Unlock feature
From firmware 2.7.5 on the HomeKit lock. In earlier firmware only Apple's automation features are available
Compatible with Danabridge V3
With firmware 2.7.5 on the HomeKit lock, pairing with Danabridge is possible through dual mode.

With Danalock app

With Danalock app
Compatible with Danapad V3
With firmware 2.7.5 on the HomeKit lock, pairing with the Danapad is possible through dual mode.

With Danalock app

With Danalock app
Compatible with Apple Watch
Siri Voice Commands
Auto Lock feature
Through the Danalock App with firmware 2.7.5 on the lock or With click commands
Hold Back Latch
Through the Danalock App with firmware 2.7.5 on the lock or With click commands
Remote control
With the Danabridge hardware

With firmware 2.7.5 on the HomeKit lock, or through an Apple gateway.

With the Danabridge hardware, or a compatible Zigbee Smart Home hub

With the Danabridge hardware, or a compatible Z-wave Smart Home hub
Share digital keys with other users
By sharing access to your HomeKit or from Danalock apps with firmware 2.7.5 on the HomeKit lock - added in dual mode
Compatible with Amazon Alexa
Only with Amazon with built-in Zigbee hub or via Samsung SmartThings and similar

Only via Samsung SmartThings and similar
149,- EUR 199,- EUR 199,- EUR 199,- EUR