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Easy Installation

No permanent alterations on your door.

Flexible Access

Give access to your home with Danapad pin codes.

Easy Management

Manage your pin codes in the Danalock app.

Give Access with
Danapad Pin Codes

With its Bluetooth interface to the Danalock V3 smart lock, the Danapad keypad extends secure, controlled access. You no longer have to bring a key or a phone when leaving home. With the Danapad, access has never been easier. Just create a pin code for each guest and the Danalock system takes care of the rest. 

Danapad keypad

Easy to Install

With its elegant Danish design and small footprint, the Danapad provides an out-of-the-box, easy-to-install and secure access solution that requires no permanent alteration to your door or entry area. Just mount it within Bluetooth range of your Danalock smart lock. Designed for all weather extremes, the keypad works well in hot and cold climates and can withstand the effects of salt, fog, and rain. 

Easy to Operate

Use the Danalock app to manage the access level of users. Does your contractor need access? Just create a temporary pin code, and it will work when planned. For family members you can grant permanent access pin codes. The Danapad supports up to 20 pin codes at a time. 

Danalock Integration

The Danapad supports the Danalock ecosystem. You can operate the Danalock smart lock both with pin codes and the Danalock app.

Product Specifications

Pin code length
4 – 10 digits
Pin code memory
20 different pin codes
35 mm x 82 mm
Bluetooth 4.2
4 AAA batteries
2 screws or adhesive tape
Encryption level
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