Send app log files

Send us your log files

Log files from your Danalock app can help support trying to figure out why your app is not responding as expected.

We sometimes also ask for a video of the issue or screenshots/pictures. These help us to better understand the issues you are having.

Have you tried...

If you are having issues with your Danalock app, it is always a good idea to try and reinstall the app.

Do this by deleting the app from your phone and installing it again from the app store.
Remember to take good notice of the permissions the app asks for during the first run.

Where to find the log files

You will find the logfiles in the menu of the Danalock app.

Look for the 3 lines in the bottom left corner. The look for "Log files"

What to send

Please include your Danalock account e-mail address.
Send us the log files from the dates when you had the issue.
Please include the time of day the issue happened.
Explaining what you experience and what you have tried.
Do you have more than one lock then please include the serial number of the lock that you are trying to operate.
Any pictures or videos you can provide will help us better understand the issue.

How to send the files

To send log files from your Danalock app you will need to go to "Menu" and look for "Log files"
Depending on your phone brand and model the way to send the files can vary.
Use your mail app to send the files and information to

iOS devices

Find the log file you want to send - tap on it to open it.

Press the share button in the top right corner. ios share icon

Then chose your e-mail client and send the log files to

Please include your registered Danalock account e-mail if not the same as the e-mail you are sending from.

If you want to send more files - then repeat the process.

Video guide

You can also see the small video guide we've made below.