Adjustable cylinders for Danalock V3

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M&C Adjustable cylinder

Adjustable cylinder for Euro profile lock doors

Gerda Adjustable cylinder

Adjustable cylinder for Euro profile lock doors

Quick guide

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To mount the Danalock you will need:

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Two sets of pliers or a wire cutter
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1. Remove the old cylinder

Unscrew the lock screw in the mortise plate on the side of the door.

mounting_v3_euro (17)

2. Pull out the old cylinder

Insert your key and turn it so the cam lines up with the body of the cylinder. Now pull out the cylinder.

mounting_v3_euro (1)

3. Adjust the new cylinder

Measure the back part (on the outside of your door) of the old cylinder from the middle of the screw hole and away (see illustration). In the Danalock box you’ll find an adjustable lock cylinder.

mounting_v3_euro (2)


Unscrew the small screws on both sides of the cylinder and pull it apart.

mounting_v3_euro (3)

5. Insert spacer

Insert the same size of spacer piece and brass tube to make the adjustable cylinder match the old cylinder. Refer to the following size guide to find the right length for the spacer piece and the brass tube.

mounting_v3_euro (23)

Size guide

When you adjust the size of the Danalock cylinder to the old cylinder, you’ll have to exchange the brass tube in the center with another that fits the spacer piece. Here are the different combinations.

mounting_v3_euro (4)

6. Assemble

Assemble the cylinder and screw the small screws back in on both sides of the cylinder.

mounting_v3_euro (5)

7. Insert the adjustable cylinder

Insert the new cylinder, and re-insert the lock screw in the mortise plate to fix the cylinder. (b) Do not over-tighten the screw. Make sure the cylinder is working by locking and unlocking with your hand.

mounting_v3_euro (6)
mounting_v3_euro (7)

8. The right rosette spacer

To avoid pulling the cylinder out of place, find the right spacer or a spacer combination for insertion between the rosette and the back plate.

Unscrew the two breakable screws that hold the spacers together with the adjustable cylinder.

Choose one or more spacers so they are flush with the rosette surface. (See illustration).

IMPORTANT! Avoid pulling the cylinder out of place. It is important that the spacer is flush or protrudes from the hole in the rosette plate.

mounting_v3_euro (8)

9. Break the screws to the right length

Depending on which spacer or spacer combination you chose, it is important that the screws that fasten the cylinder to the back plate are of the correct length. Use this chart to find the right length.

Use a wire cutter or two sets of pliers, or you can bend the screws back and forth several times in a vice to break them.

mounting_v3_euro (9)
mounting_v3_euro (10)

10. Fasten the back plate to the cylinder

Fasten the back plate to the cylinder with the rosette spacer in between them.

IMPORTANT! Check that the lock still works!

Make sure that the lock still works by turning the tailpiece. If you can’t lock and unlock, please loosen the cylinder screws.

mounting_v3_euro (11)

11. Ensure that the tailpiece the correct length

To avoid damaging the Danalock, you must shorten the new cylinder tailpiece to a maximum of 35 mm from the door surface. Use two sets of pliers or a wire cutter to shorten the tailpiece.

mounting_v3_euro (12)

12. Attach the tailpiece adaptor

Insert the green tailpiece adapter into the center tube on the back of the Danalock. Press on the adapter until a click ensures it is fixed firmly to the Danalock.

mounting_v3_euro (13)

13. Fit the tailpiece to the middle of the housing base

Fit the Danalock over the back plate. Make sure the tailpiece hits the slide in the middle of the adapter.

mounting_v3_euro (14)

14. Align the plate marks

Locate the small mark on the edge of the back plate and align it with the small mark on the back of the Danalock baseplate to ensure that the notches on the back plate line up.

mounting_v3_euro (15)

15. Fasten the Danalock

Turn the Danalock clockwise until it clicks to fasten it to the back plate.

NOTE: If you need to unfasten and retry, see “Uninstall instructions” at the end of the manual.

mounting_v3_euro (18)

16. Activate batteries

Pull out the plastic tab to activate the batteries. A light will flash to confirm the Danalock is ready.

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17. Before downloading the Danalock app: Do not close door

Your Danalock is now installed. Download and open the Danalock app to complete setup.

Note: Leave the door open during app setup for smoother calibration.

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18. Download the Danalock App

Go to Google Play or App Store and download the Danalock app.

Once the app is installed, create a user profile by selecting the blue arrow. You will use this profile to sign in going forward. To sign in, enter your username and password and select the green arrow.

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19. Add the lock in the app

Select “Menu” in the top right, and then “Add lock”.

A guide will now lead you through the installation and configuration of your Danalock.

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Dismount instructions

To dismount the Danalock from your door, insert a pen tip into the hole at the top inner edge of the lock. Press while turning the lock counter-clockwise until the lock releases.

Dismounting will not reset the lock or disconnect it from your account, but the lock may need to be re-calibrated when reinstalled.

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