Manual firmware update

Danalock Toolbox Android

For Danalock V3 devices

NB: Not for Danalock HomeKit models

This guide shows you how to manually update your Danalock devices, using our Danalock Toolbox app for Android devices.

This process can be used if you are not the admin of the Danalock devices, or if you don't use the Danalock app in your setup.

If you want to download the firmware the normal way, go into the Danalock app and find "Firmware" under the device settings.


Choose the device type to update

Open the Danalock Toolbox app.


In the Danalock Toolbox App, a terminal window will switch from scanning to showing a description of the latest firmware version available.

Press “Upload New Firmware” at the bottom of the screen to start the update of your Danalock device.

firmware_update (4)

The firmware will now be uploaded and installed on the Danalock device.

You can follow the progress in the percentage bar in the terminal window.

firmware_update (4)

When the firmware has been installed the, Danalock device will turn off for around 5-30 seconds while applying the firmware installation and restart.

Please don't touch the Danalock until the setup has been completed.

firmware_update (6)

After completing the firmware upgrade, some settings might have been reset.

Please check all settings including any calibration of your lock if that was updated.

firmware_update (5)