Manual firmware update

For advanced users - for Danalock V3 models

This page shows you how to manually update your Danalock with a firmware file.
We fully recommend you to use our Danalock Toolbox apps that can be downloaded for both iOS and Android.

The method described here involves manually downloading the firmware file and using a 3rd party app.

You will need the Firmware file for your device - please download this to the mobile device you will be using for the manual firmware update. Don't unzip the file - just save it on the phone.


To do a fully manual firmware update, you will need to download the nRF Toolbox app from your app store.

Follow the links below for iOS or Android.

Put the lock or accessory device in DFU mode (update mode) by removing a battery (just enough for the pole not to connect), then insert a paperclip in the small pinhole just behind the LED, click and hold while inserting the battery again. The device should now light up purple/red stating that the lock is in DFU mode.

Once the app is downloaded look for "DFU" in the app and follow the instructions to do the update.

You will need the firmware file you've downloaded from the link above.

Example videos