Danalock device stuck in update mode!

For Danalock V3 series only

This guide explains how to get your Danalock V3 device out of firmware update mode.
(Danalock, Danapad, Danabridge, and Universal Module V3)

How to identify a Danalock device in update mode

How to recover the device

Danalock (Not HomeKit), Danabridge, Danapad, and Universal module - all of these can be recovered from being stuck in firmware update mode by using the Danalock Toolbox app.

The Danalock HomeKit version can only be recovered by using a special app from Nordic Semiconductor. Please read the text at the bottom of this page regarding the recovery process of the HomeKit lock.

Run the update twice if needed:
If the first update does not solve the issue then please do the update one more time, following the guide below.

Check the button:
If the button in the small pinhole of a Danalock or Danabridge is stuck, or if the unlock button of the Danapad is stuck during a restart of the Danapd, this could be the reason for the device to have entered the update mode.

In the lock, danabridge, and Universal module, you can damage the button if you use needles or sharp tools to press the button. This could result in the button getting stuck.

After removing a battery or unplugging the power, you can try and press the button a few times to see if it clicks/reacts as expected - that might also get the button to release if the accident of a stuck button has happened.

Re-insert the battery or power the device on again and if the device starts without going into the update mode. If it is still stuck in the update mode, then follow the guides below.


ATTENTION for HomeKit locks stuck in upgrade mode - red LED.

If your Danalock HomeKit lock is stuck in upgrade mode it will either show a constant red or purple light in the LED.

To recover a HomeKit lock from this state you will have to use an app from Nordic Semiconductor called "Device Firmware Update".

Download the app here:
"nRF Device Firmware Update" (iOS app store).
"nRF Device Firmware Update" (Android Play store)

You will have to download the firmware file from our firmware page.
Save it to your mobile device.

This is how you will use the app:

  1. Pull one battery from the lock.
  2. Insert a pin in the small pinhole just behind the LED on the lock - hold it there while you re-insert the battery. The lock will again show a constant red or purple LED.
  3. Open the app you downloaded earlier "nRF Device Firmware update", but note that when installed the app is called "DFU"
  4. Locate the firmware file you downloaded from our Firmware page or if you received it directly from our support team.
  5. Find the Danalock device - in the list of devices, you should see something called "DFU" or "DanaDFU"
  6. Press Upload to start the update.
  7. Once done, the lock should reboot - show a short white LED and then turn off the LED - if it goes back into the red/purple constant LED, then run the update once more.
  8. If the second attempt doesn't fix the issue then please reach out to our support.