Lock stuck in purple mode!

How-to-fix, for Danalock V3 series only

This page explains how to get your Danalock V3 out of purple mode.

Purple LED on the lock indicates that the lock is in upgrade mode.
To get it out of this you will need to do a manual firmware update.

Run the update twice if needed:
If the first update does not solve the issue then please do the update one more time.

A stuck button:
If the button in the small pinhole behind the LED is stuck, this could be the reason for the lock to have entered the update mode (Purple led / red led). Please remove a battery and try pressing the button a few times to see if it clicks as would be expected or if it releases.
Re-insert the battery and if the lock starts without going into the update mode (not showing Purple/red LED), then the issue has been resolved.


Choose what type of device you will be using for the firmware update.