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Danalock V3 SCANDI

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Quick Guide

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Tools needed and parts involved in the procedure on your existing lock:

  • Two sets of pliers
  • Philips screwdriver
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1. Secure front lock

Place a piece of tape across the lock on the front of the door to prevent it from falling when the screws are removed.

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2. Remove the current door lock

Remove the existing thumb turn on the inside of the door.

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3. Check tailpiece length

Most doors have tailpieces that extend 10 mm from the doorplate and will not require any length adjustment. An extra tailpiece has been supplied in case the tailpiece is less than 10 mm long.

Danalock V3 works with a tailpiece length of up to 35 mm. If the length exceeds 35 mm you will have to shorten it.

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4. If tailpiece is too short

If the tailpiece is less than 10 mm long, remove the plate that holds the tailpiece and replace it with the tailpiece from the Danalock box.

Shorten the new tailpiece after mounting back plate. (See illustration).

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5. Mount back plate

Place the back plate where the thumb turn used to be on your door. The round hole in the middle of the plate is for the tailpiece.

Use the two screws that originally held the thumb turn to attach the back plate.

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6. Ensure tailpiece length

To avoid damaging the Danalock, shorten the new cylinder tailpiece to max. 35 mm from the door surface.

Use two sets of pliers or a wire cutter to shorten the tailpiece.

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7. Attach tailpiece adapter

Select the green tailpiece adapter (supplied) and insert into the center tube located on the back of the Danalock.

Press the adapter until it clicks.

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8. Fit tailpiece into housing base

Fit the Danalock over the back plate.

Make sure the tailpiece hits the slide in the middle of the adapter.

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9. Align plate marks

Locate the small mark on the edge of the back plate and align it with the small mark on the back of the Danalock baseplate to ensure that the notches on the back plate line up.

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10. Fasten the Danalock

Turn the Danalock clockwise until it clicks to fasten it to the back plate.

NOTE: If you need to unfasten and retry, see “Dismount instructions” at the end of the manual.

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11. Activate batteries

Pull out the plastic tab to activate the batteries. A light will flash to confirm the Danalock is ready.

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12. Download the Danalock app in either Google Play or App Store

Your Danalock is now installed.

Note: Leave the door open during app setup for smoother calibration!

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Dismount instructions

To dismount the Danalock, insert a pen tip into the hole at the top inner edge of the lock. Press while turning the lock counter-clockwise until the lock releases.

Dismounting will not reset the lock or disconnect it from your account, but the lock may need to be re-calibrated when reinstalled.