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Danalock V3 US

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Parts on your existing lock.

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Danalock parts.

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1. Download the Danalock app

Go to Google Play or App Store and download the Danalock app.

When the app is installed, create a user profile by selecting the blue ring. Use this profile to sign into the app going forward.

Complete Danalock app setup after installing the lock.

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2. Required tools

You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver and masking tape.

A pen tip or paper clip will be required if you need to remove or readjust the lock..

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3. Check door alignment

Before beginning installation, ensure that your door is properly aligned. You should be able to lock your door without pushing, pulling, or lifting the door.

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4. Secure outside keyhole

Use tape to secure the outside keyhole. This will keep it in place when you remove the inside screws.

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5. Remove inside thumb-turn

Remove the inside thumb-turn, leaving just the deadbolt and tailpiece. Set aside the screws. You’ll need them again in step 7.

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6. Select a back plate

Find the back plate that matches the brand of your existing lock.

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7. Remove paper from the stickers

On the back of the back plate you’ll find three stickers. Remove the paper from the stickers.

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8. Fasten back plate

Position the back plate where the thumb-turn was with the arrow on the label pointing up. Fasten using two of the original screws.

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9. Select tailpiece adapter

Select the tailpiece adapter that matches the shape of the tailpiece of your existing lock.

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10. Insert adapter

Insert the selected tailpiece adapter into your Danalock and press until it clicks in place.

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11. Fit and fasten Danalock

Fit the Danalock onto the back plate with the battery cover facing down. The tailpiece slides into the adapter and the back plate notches fit into the back of the lock.

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12. Align plate marks

Locate the small mark at the edge of the back plate and align it with the hole in the cover ring surrounding the Danalock to ensure that the notches on the back plate line up.

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13. Fasten the Danalock

Turn the Danalock clockwise until it clicks to fasten it to the back plate.

Note: To unfasten and retry, see “Dismount instructions” at the end of the manual.

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14. Activate batteries

Pull out the plastic tab to activate the batteries. A light will flash to confirm the Danalock is ready.

Note: If the batteries are disconnected, you will have to re-calibrate the Danalock.

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15. Complete setup using the Danalock app

Your Danalock is now installed. Download and open the Danalock app to complete setup.

Note: Leave the door open during app setup for smoother calibration.

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16. Configure Danalock

Open the Danalock app. When you have logged in (set up user profile if needed) you will see your empty keychain. Select “Add lock” at the bottom of the screen.

A guide will lead you through the installation and configuration of your Danalock

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17. Dismount instructions

To dismount the Danalock, insert a pen tip into the hole at the top inner edge of the lock. Press while turning the lock counter-clockwise until the lock releases.

This will not reset the lock or disconnect it from your account, but the lock may need to be re-calibrated when reinstalled.