Danalock V3 App Feature Guide

Danalock V3 lock

The Danalock Apps is used as the main control for all Danalock products*.
Go to App Store or Google Play to download the apps.

*The Danalock V3 HomeKit smart lock and its features are controlled by Apple's HomeKit app.
When a HomeKit lock is updated to firmware 2.7.5 the lock will work in dual mode and function as a standard Bluetooth Danalock.

Settings, pin codes, and Lock History

The three icons in the main view above your lock, navigates you to respectively "Lock settings", "Lock Pin Codes", and "Lock History"

To get to the settings menu of a Danapad or Danabridge, simply choose the device in the list of your Devices.

Images shows the 3 main icon buttons representing Settings, Pin codes, and Lock History, shown on the main screen of the app on a lock.
Image shows the list of devices on your account after pressing the Devices button on the main screen of the app.

Lock setting and accessory device settings

To get into the lock settings, simply press the first icon above the lock in the main screen.

From there you will find more information about your lock, the current firmware, and the feature settings described below.

You can also delete the lock from the settings menu.
Se more about that in our Basic App Guide.

Settings icon
Danalock V3 app - Lock settings

Pin Codes

To change pin codes on your Danalock V3, simply press the Pin Code icon above your lock in the main view of the Danalock app.

Pin codes are only possible to use if you also have the lock paired with a Danapad (Accessory device).

Read more in the Danapad App Guide

Pin codes icon
Danalock V3 app - Pin Code list

Lock History

Whenever the lock is operated by the Danalock app the event is stored in the Lock History.

You can see who operated the lock by clicking the Lock History button above the Lock in the main view of the Danalock app.


When the lock is operated from the Danapad, through Z-wave, Zigbee, or HomeKit, or when the lock is manually operated with a key, the events are not stored in the Lock History.

Lock History icon
Danalock V3 app - Lock history

Auto Unlock

With the Auto Unlock feature the Danalock V3 will detect your arrival and unlock the door when you get home.

We make use of the GPS geofence feature in your mobile phone to sense when you are getting home. Once inside your home zone the app will start looking for your lock and unlock it when you get within Bluetooth® range.

You'll have to leave your home zone and re-enter it, in order for the Auto Unlock to run again.

How to set it up

Take a look at our Auto Unlock guide to learn more about it, and to learn how to activate the feature.


Circumstances beyond Danalock's influence such as phone model and OS setup, GPS, BLE, and environment can affect the functionality and behavior of the Auto Unlock feature and cause it to fail. Learn more in the "How to set it up" section above.

Image that shows how the Auto unlock feature setup looks like on the phone.

Auto Lock

With the Auto Lock feature the Danalock V3 will automatically lock the door for you a set amount of time after it has been unlocked. You can specify the duration the Danalock V3 should wait before locking the door.

Setting up Auto Lock

Make sure that you are near your Danalock V3. In the settings menu of your lock, in the Danalock app, navigate to the feature Auto Lock. Choose the amount of time the Danalock should wait before locking the door.

If you also active the Feature "Hold Back Latch" you must set the Auto Lock to a longer duration.

Image showing the Auto lock setting active in the settings menu of the Danalock app.
Images showing the options for setting the Auto lock setting in the Danalock app.

Hold Back Latch

With this feature, the Danalock V3 can open doors without an external door handle. The Danalock V3 will hold back the latch after unlocking the door to allow entrance.

Setting up Hold Back Latch

Make sure that you are near your Danalock V3. In the setting menu of your lock, in the Danalock app, navigate to the feature Hold Back Latch. Choose the amount of time you want the Danalock to hold back the latch before releasing it.

If you also activate the feature Auto Lock you must set the Auto lock to a longer duration than the Hold Back Latch feature.

Images shows the feature list of the Danalock in the Danalock app with the Hold back latch active.
Images shows the options for the feature hold back latch in the Danalock app.

End to End Operation

The End to End Operation mode is made to support a certain type of lock where the outside part and inside part of the cylinder are not connected. This means that turning the key won’t rotate the Danalock V3, which makes it unable to know if the door is locked or unlocked.

When in this mode, the Danalock V3 operates the lock cylinder by turning in one direction until it reaches the end. Every time the lock unlocks the lock will re-set the correct calibration and set the state of the lock. But if the lock is locked with the key, the Danalock will display the wrong status!

Do I need End to End operation?

Open the door, insert the key, and turn it. If the thumbturn on the inside of the door doesn’t rotate along with the key, you need to enable End to End Operation.

Be aware that the inside needs to rotate all the way to the unlocked point and the Danalock app needs to show that the state changes - if that doesn't happen, then activate the End to End Operation feature.

Setting up End to End Operation

Make sure that you are near your Danalock V3. In the setting menu of your lock, in the Danalock app, navigate to the feature End to End Operation. Activate it. Notice the warning about the need for Automatic calibration. Manual calibration of the lock will not work correctly.

To be sure that the lock is correctly calibrated, please do an Automatic calibration.

Images showing end to end operation feature active in the Danalock app.
Images showing a warning about the need for automatic calibration for the end to end to work correctly.

Paired Devices

If you have a Danapad or Danabridge you can pair them with your Danalock.

If you haven't already added them to your account, then you need to do so first. During that process, you can also pair them with the lock directly.

If the devices have already been added to your account, then go to the lock or Danapad/Danabridge settings to pair the devices.

In order to remove the pairing, simply go to either the lock settings and choose Remove pairing, or go to the Danapad/Danabridge settings and choose Remove pairing.

Danalock V3 app - Lock accessory pairings
Danalock V3 app - Accessory devices Lock pairing

My Account

From the My Account menu you can accept invitations from other Danalock owners.

You will also find a link to Edit Account Details on My.danalock.com

Request Account Deletion

If you wish to stop using your account and have your account deleted, you can request it from this menu. 

Danalock V3 app - My Account

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