Danalock V3 Basic App Guide

Danalock V3 lock

The Danalock Apps is used as the main control for all Danalock products*.
Go to App Store or Google Play to download the apps.

*The Danalock V3 HomeKit smart lock and its features are controlled by Apple's HomeKit app.
When a HomeKit lock is updated to firmware 2.7.5 the lock will work in dual mode and function as a standard Bluetooth Danalock.

Create a user:

When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to
either log in or sign up.

1 - Sign in
2 - Sign in Sign up

Add a Danalock V3 to your account

To add a Danalock V3 to your account, press the menu button, then Add New Device.

Your phone now scans the area for available devices and listing them by serial number. Find the serial number behind the battery cover.

Tab on the device you want to install. The app will connect and
start the adding process.

Danalock app - no locks
Danalock app - Adding new device

Firmware update and naming your lock

During the adding process, the Danalock app will update the Danalock devices if new firmware is available.

You will be asked to name your device.

Danalock app - Naming lock


One of the last steps of the adding process is to calibrate the lock.

Follow the guide in the app and you will be helped from start to finish.

If you need to raise your handle to lock the door please do so before you start the calibration.

We recommend doing the calibration with the door open.

Can I skip the calibration?

If you wish to do the calibration later then simply skip this step.
You will find the calibration option in the lock setting to do them later or re-do them if needed.

Danalock app - Calibrating Automatic


You have now added your lock to your account and you can start locking and unlocking.

You can go to "Settings" to find more features of your lock.

Danalock V3 - Device added - Congratulations
Danalock App - Keychain - Lock added

Invite users

To invite users to your account you'll have to go to https://my.danalock.com and sign-in with your credentials.

From here most standard users like family members can be added by using the "Invite guest" in the menu "New"

Click here, to read a guide that can give you more information on how to invite users to your account.

How to invite users to your account.

Main icons

The top 3 icons shown above a lock navigates you to "Settings", "Pin Codes", and "Lock History"

Images shows the 3 main icon buttons representing Settings, Pin codes, and Lock History, shown on the main screen of the app on a lock.

Firmware update your devices

To update firmware at a later point, go to your device settings menu. If a new firmware is available you can start the update from there.

We always recommend you to keep your firmware updated. It fixes both known issues and potentially adds new features or functionalities to your device.

Danalock V3 app - Firmware update available
Danalock V3 app - Firmware update running

Delete lock

Make sure the device you want to delete is chosen - change it by pressing "Devices" in the lower bottom right corner.

To delete a device from your account simply go to the settings menu of the device and press Delete.

Image shows the list of devices on your account after pressing the Devices button on the main screen of the app.
Image showing the delete prompt from pressing Delete in the lock settings menu.

Reset a lock

You can reset your lock by giving the lock 10 clicks in the small pinhole on top of the lock. When the reset has been performed the lock will flash red.

Resetting the lock will remove all feature settings, including pin codes, easy lock, and calibration.

It will NOT remove the lock from your account, but we always recommend resetting the lock after deleting it from the account.

Click command button
Danalock flashing red

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