Danalock Zigbee Firmware update

Applies only for Danalock V3-BTZBE

This guide will help you update your Danalock Zigbee (BTZBE) lock with the latest Zigbee firmware.
Please notice that the lock has a main module firmware and a Zigbee module firmware - this guide is for updating the Zigbee firmware.

How to identify what model lock you have

You can find the model number behind the battery cover - either on the back of the battery cover or behind the batteries.

DL V3 Model label 2
DL V3 Model label Battery cover 1

Please read!

There are two ways to update the firmware of the Zigbee module of your lock.
Either through your Hub* or by using the Danalock Device firmware updater.

*This function is not supported on all smart hubs - please consult your hub manufacturer's guide.

Through your hub

On some Zigbee hubs, you are able to upload the OTA firmware file and update the lock.

By using this method you can update the lock while the lock is still included in your Zigbee network.
You will need the OTA file that is found in the download section down below.

Please be aware that the process will take about 30-45 minutes and drain some battery.

Use the Danalock Device firmware updater

This will require a Windows pc with built-in Bluetooth or a Bluetooth USB dongle.
The update will take about 15-20 minutes and will drain some battery during the process.

There are also 3 requirements for using this update method:

  1. The lock must be included on a Danalock account for the update to gain access to the Zigbee module.
    Follow the guide here to enroll your lock on a Danalock account.

    NB: If your lock is only on a Zigbee hub the lock will have to leave the Zigbee network in order to enroll in the Danalock app on a Danalock account.

  2. The main module must also be updated with the latest firmware - version 0.21.4 or above.
    You can do this from the lock settings in the Danalock app once you have enrolled the lock on your Danalock account as described in step 2 above.

Once you have decided on the process you will use, continue to the downloads below.


Download the files needed for the update process you choose.

Through Zigbee hub

OTA file

This file is for updating through your Zigbee hub.
File upload and OTA update functions are needed on your Zigbee hub for this to work.

We can't give support for this process.
Please refer to your manufacturer's guides.

Danalock Device firmware updater

Main lock firmware required!

To do the update with the Danalock Device Firmware updater below, the lock needs to have the main module firmware updated to at least version 0.21.4.
That firmware can be updated under the lock setting in the Danalock app on you mobile device.

Once that is finished, you can use the Danalock Device firmware updater below to do the Zigbee module firmware update.
A guide for the process can be found down below.

Device Firmware updater (Zigbee)

This is the program to update your Zigbee firmware from a Windows computer.
The Zip files include both the program and the latest version of the Zigbee firmware.
Version 17.4

No MAC OS version available.

Guide for the Danalock Device firmware updater

In this guide, we will show you how to do the update using the Danalock Device Firmware updater.

Video guide

Follow this video guide or read the guide below.

Please make sure that your lock is NOT enrolled on your Zigbee network - see how in the written guide below!
Please also make sure your lock has fairly new batteries as the update will drain some power.

Guide for the Device Firmware updater


Windows 10 PC with built-in Bluetooth.
The lock must be on a Danalock account - you will use this account during the process.

NB: If your lock is only on the Zigbee hub, and not also on the Danalock account and app, the lock will have to leave the Zigbee network in order for the Danalock app to enroll the lock. The lock will not show up in the list of available locks before it has left the Zigbee hub.

We recommend using fairly new batteries since the update will drain some power during the update.

Step 1: If your lock is enrolled on a Danalock account and have been joined with the Zigbee network!

You are good to go - move on to Step 4!

Step 2: If your lock is enrolled on a Zigbee network, but not on a Danalock account!

Remove the Zigbee registration from the lock by giving it 9 clicks in the small pinhole on top of the lock.
The lock will show a green light on the 9th click and start flashing green for a few seconds.
Once the lock is no longer flashing the lock is ready for the next step.

NB: This will in many cases make the current lock integration in your Zigbee hub invalid and you will have to join the lock with your hub again.

Step 3: Enroll the lock on a Danalock account

NB: If your lock is already enrolled on your Danalock account - then please skip this part and move on.

To enroll the lock on a Danalock account, you will have to download and install the Danalock app from your app store on your mobile device. (Android or iOS)
Once installed you will have to create a Danalock account and sign in.
In the app, find and click the menu in the bottom left corner.
Here choose to add a new device.
Find the lock by looking for the serial number listed on the back of the battery cover.
Tap on it and the enrollment process will start.
Give the lock a name.
Once done, the lock is now enrolled on your Danalock account.

Step 4: Update the main firmware to the latest version

For the update to work, you will have to update the lock to version 0.21.4 or newer.
You can do this under the lock setting in the Danalock app on your mobile device.
Remember that you'll have to be in Bluetooth range of your lock.

NB! This is not the Zigbee update - only the main module update.
Once updated, then move on to the next step.

Step 5: Run the Device Firmware updater

Unpack the Zip file you downloaded above.
Once unzipped, run the program.
If prompted with a Windows protection alert, please press the "Run anyway" button.
Now you might be prompted with 2 notifications to install or update .NET - please chose Yes and download the installation and run it.
Follow the guide on your screen to install or update .NET.
Run the program until you no longer get the alerts.

When the program runs you will start by scanning for your lock.
Press the "Scan" button.
Then find your lock by the serial number in the list above. Click it to mark it.
Now fill in your Danalock credentials.
Then press the "Update" button to start the update.
The update will start by initializing (this can take about a few seconds) and then starts the update.
The update will take between 15-20 minutes.

Once the update is completed you can enroll your lock on your Zigbee network again.

If you get errors during the update

Make sure your lock is in fact the model V3-BTZBE. This update will not work on the V3-BTZB.

Make sure the lock is in fact enrolled on the Danalock account you entered into the program.
Check it in the Danalock App.

Make sure the Danalock is not enrolled on your Zigbee network.
When on a Zigbee network, the program can't access the Zigbee module.

Please make sure your Danalock has also got the latest main firmware - version 0.21.0 or above.
Download this in the Danalock app under the lock settings.

If you need help then contact our support.